Using drones to do incredible ariel photography

Do you know the most exciting invention in photography in the previous three years? It’s probably the development of drones. Yes, drones are the highest-flying cameras that can capture the most astonishing viewpoints of common subjects.

Although the cost of the camera that flies in the air is quite expensive to the other ones, I assure you it won’t disappoint you. Apart from the beautifully captured images, you will get, there is way more to do with this newly created invention.

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Getting started with its use:

So one of the biggest marketing features of this drone is that it is so easily operated. One of the terms “Fly Straight Out of the Box” is a commonly used term you might have ever heard, and that’s very true. That is how you can use it. Put up the charger and charger its battery, download the application to your phone, and there you go.

The drone is easily used and operated, but care and common sense are the biggest factors you should consider before flying the drone. Startup with a few limitations in the place first and then go along the lines of the maximum height you can fly. That is how you can start using it.

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The restricted rules:

There are some rules and regulations associated with the use of drones that you need to take very seriously. Read them out!

  • You can fly a drone to the maximum height of 133 meters, i.e. 400 feet.
  • A drone must be flying in a line of sight, which means that you must see it.
  • You must have to respect the privacy of other people as well.
  • Never fly drones over groups of people.
  • Never fly a drone near the airports or any other restricted flying zone.

Drone, an amazing technology:

Drones are one of the incredible technologies that have revolutionized the ariel photography in the past few years.

  • By connecting the drone to your smartphone, you can now see what the drone is capturing and viewing on-screen. This makes it perfect for compositional adjustments.
  • The camera controls of the drone are extensive. You can do the auto or full manual control.
  • The drone hovers in one spot only with astounding stability like an aerial tripod. Try this out by taking off your hands from the control button, and you will see that the drone will stay in one position.
  • The drone has an average of 20 minutes of flight time per battery charge. Your drone can also detect when the battery is getting low and automatically go into the RTH mode, i.e. the automatic-return-to-home mode.

Ariel photography with a drone:

So, when learning how to fly and then start flying the drone, it’s very thrilling to get home, upload your images, and stare at the mesmerizing scenes you have captured. On the first flight, you will see that everything is so much fun, and you will quickly learn about aerial photography, which is no different from the other forms of photography. At Airborne Imagery, we provide aerial photos for sale online also.


Conclusively, using a drone is not something difficult. It’s incredibly amazing with its best features. Once you start capturing the photos with it, you will realize it’s an amazing development. You just need to take care of the light. Light is the strength of any photography so just be careful about that. Otherwise, it is a fun-loving thing. Moreover, for amazing photography services, call us now.